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27 September 2015

Looking beyond the 2018 Commonwealth Games

THE countdown is on until the Commonwealth Games hits the shores of the Gold Coast. 

With the Games set to create more than 30,000 jobs and inject $2 billion into the economy, it is important as future city leaders that we work to ensure it leaves an overwhelming legacy for the Gold Coast, and provides opportunities well into the future. 

At present there is so much talk about the preparation of the Games and the lead-up to the event, that sometimes it seems like 2018 is the end of the road for the Gold Coast.

In reality, the Commonwealth Games is just a springboard to a more prosperous future.

As the host city, it is a unique opportunity to truly showcase the Gold Coast to the rest of the world and change the perception of our city. 

We want to prove that not only is the Gold Coast a great place to visit, but it is a city coming of age and establishing itself as a world-class destination.

We need to maximise this opportunity and ensure the 2018 Commonwealth Games is a stepping stone to economic prosperity and social enrichment.

So, what should the city do to ensure the Games realises a lasting benefit? YP Gold Coast has listed three key areas to assist in building a legacy.  We need to:

  • Develop top-class venues and facilities that don’t only cater to the athletes that will visit in 2018, but also serve a future purpose.  The Games Village is a great example of this, with it set to provide an enduring residential and knowledge precinct.
  • Invest in proper transport and infrastructure, importantly the second stage of the light rail, to ensure we can move the influx of people efficiently around our city.  We want to show a city that is easy to navigate and easy to access.
  • Encourage business partnerships locally and provide jobs locally. The city is home to so much talent and we should be utilising and promoting our assets.  We want to show that Gold Coast businesses are competitive for contracts to offer services to major projects internationally.

We only get one shot to do this right. Our international audience needs to see that we can deliver quality and inspiring events and provide opportunities for local businesses and community groups to grow. 

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Response to Gold Coast Bulletin Article: Gold Coast Cabs to launch new app against Uber and win back passengers, published 10th August 2015

Restricting Uber from operating within the Gold Coast Airport precinct and other major tourist spots is growth prohibitive and counter-productive for a city which is working to boost tourism and diversify its economy.  International and domestic tourists have come to expect the choice of using Uber. YP Gold Coast believes that enforcing a ban on Uber’s operation will make the Gold Coast less desirable as a destination, especially for Gen Y and X’s.   

The CEO of Gold Coast Cabs is reported as saying “Uber had only had a “relatively small” impact on taxi patronage” but would not provide figures.  If this is the case, then why is a ban on Uber so important to the transport service provider?

 YP Gold Coast believes that the taxi industry should be lobbying for less restrictions and responding in a positive way that acknowledges the changes customers are readily embracing, so they can be allowed to compete with Uber.  Ultimately, that is what will benefit customers and will benefit the Gold Coast.

We recognize that this is not a Gold Coast centric issue; however, due to our strong tourism drivers, urban sprawl and the geographical nature of our City, the Gold Coast must respond in a proactive way. 

YP Gold Coast commends Gold Coast Cabs on planning to introduce a new app with GPS tracking and a reduced credit card surcharge. However, there is still more to be done to be competitive with Uber.

YP Gold Coast calls for Council and Government leadership by removing cumbersome regulations (such as surge pricing) on the taxi industry which can be much better regulated by a competitive marketplace, creating nimble and responsive business sectors.  

Ride share companies are disrupting taxi businesses worldwide andYP Gold Coast has been monitoring some of the worldwide responses. Of note, Portland, Oregon has allowed ride-sharing services to operate, with some rules imposed on them including background checks for drivers, liability insurance for drivers, 24/7 operation, and "service performance measures" to pick up disabled passengers.

We believe a response in tune with allowing a competitive marketplace, whilst introducing some rules for ride-sharing companies to operate within, would create a best-practice service for Gold Coast residents and visitors.

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1 January 2015

Refreshed YP Gold Coast Leadership Promotes Smart City Growth

YP Gold Coast is excited to announce a new committee ahead of the seventh annual City Leaders Forum, consisting of a group of accomplished and driven young professionals, dedicated to ensuring the future success of the city.

With a strong focus on growing the city’s professional culture, the new committee will be responsible for delivering a calendar of networking events that connect, inspire, and motivate future city leaders, and provide opportunities for mentorship and business development.

The new committee will continute to promote projects that develop the smart growth of the city, on behalf of its highly engaged, thousands-strong membership base.

Former YP Vice President, town planner and Director of Civity Martin Garred has assumed the role of president, following the departure of long-serving president, lawyer and Director of McTaggart Grant Lawyers, Mary Grant who led the group’s success for almost four years.

Martin is joined on the group’s executive committee by:

Sabio integrated marketing and communications agency account director Jacqueline Bojanowski, Rose Litigation solicitor Ania Salehirad, Morgans financial planner James Fulton-Kennedy, and CEO of prmpt. R&D consulting firm Joshua Lumley has been reappointed to the committee.

Long standing committee member and My GC presenter Carla Tooma has stepped down, while Hilton Surfers Paradise marketing and communications manager Karleigh Pearson has been newly appointed to support the committee’s ongoing marketing efforts.

YP Gold Coast president Martin Garred said he was proud to lead a team of driven Gold Coast professionals who are passionate problem solvers, and progressive thinkers, driven to ensure the future success of the city.

“I’m looking forward to working with our committee to continue driving events and advocacy work that supports the success of the city,” he said.

“It’s great to have a committee that are all passionate about the Gold Coast and seeing it continue to thrive, which is obvious in how many members have continued in their roles as part of YP Gold Coast.

“We have become known for consistently delivering high-quality events that connect driven professionals and look forward to continuing this in the years to come.”

It comes as the refreshed committee is set to deliver the seventh annual City Leaders Forum - the organisation’s hallmark event that unites industry heavy-hitters, engaging them in conversation that sparks debate and drives change within the business community.

This year's theme will explore the topic of the Gold Coast - A Growing City, focusing on the key factors the city relies on to ensure it continues to mature and establish itself as Australia’s favourite playground and one of the most exciting cities to work, live and play in.

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