The emerging arts and culture sector has the potential to diversify the Gold Coast economy and create jobs.

Evidence demonstrates the intrinsic and tangible value of arts and creativity to the health and competitiveness of cities. Cultural precincts, creative clusters, festivals and events are part of what the global consumer and investor expects to find and enjoy in a global city, and the types of opportunities young professionals working within these industries need to achieve long-term career growth.

Places like Singapore, Miami, Vancouver, Barcelona and Auckland all enjoy a beautiful coastal location, but this is only part of their success story. They all have a richly diverse offering of locally relevant galleries, museums, sports, arts and culture. These elements done well play a key part in elevating the status and attraction of a city.

The Gold Coast has some of these elements but much more can be done to grow this aspect of the city. The evolution of the arts and cultural sector is an important step in the maturity of the Gold Coast as a city. It symbolises the move away from the tired and obsolete paradigm, that the Gold Coast is simply a city famous for fun.

This coming of age is critical to long term prosperity of the city. For the city’s residents, vibrant and diverse arts and cultural activities are an important contribution to the liveliness and vitality of an urban environment.

The arts contribute to well-designed public space making our coastal neighborhoods more attractive and accessible. Most importantly, the blending of arts and culture into the urban fabric of the city will create places where people want to meet and distinctly brand the Gold Coast as a destination for new residents, tourists and business.

With over 1.1 million international visitors to the city every year, it’s important that the relevance of the Gold Coast as a premier destination is maintained. The arts and cultural sector plays an important role in creating rich and diversified tourism offers and should be seen as an enabler for future growth.

One of the first major catalysts in the evolution of the city’s arts and cultural sector is the design and delivery of the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct. This critical investment being made by the Council will create a landmark new cultural designation to redefine the role of arts and culture within the city.

The Council’s vision for the Gold Coast Cultural Precinct is:

  • To create a cultural centre of gravity. A new, distinctly Gold Coast and distinctly 21st century platform to express ourselves and our pride in the our City.
  • To truly capitalise on the opportunity, the Gold Coast must embrace and nature the arts and cultural sector. It must be at the forefront our city vision and it must be reflected in the everyday decision we collectively make about the design and future growth of our city.

Arts and culture have both economic and social value, it can make a significant contribution to the liveability of the city and our competitive advance against other cities, both nationally and internationally. The industries help foster long-term growth paths for young professionals which will also retain and invite local talent within our thriving city.

For these reasons, YP Gold Coast will continue to advocate for positive policy decisions and public infrastructure investments that supports the mature growth of the Gold Coast and the evolution of our City into a sophisticated, vibrant and cultural urban environment.

Learn more about the YP Gold Coast ‘Great Ideas for the Gold Coast’ advocacy report here.

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