Connecting Driven Professionals

YP Gold Coast aims to motivate, inspire and connect future city leaders. With a strong focus on growing the city’s corporate culture, the leading advocacy group offers access to exclusive networking events and opportunities for mentorship and business development.

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Bond University partners with YP Gold Coast

YP Gold Coast is excited to announce that Bond University will be joining its team as a Platinum Partner for 2022.

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Chevron Island Bridge2

The Chevron Island Resurgence is Coming

Last month, the Gold Coast Bulletin published an article that highlighted concerns from Chervon Island residents who, along with Councillor Darren Taylor, are desperately calling for an infrastructure plan to be put in place.

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A message from YP Gold Coast

YP Gold Coast is proud to present our new committee that will be leading the organisation forward in 2022. 

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Front Page Great Ideas Refresh

Great Ideas for the Gold Coast 2021

YP Gold Coast president Mary Grant said the team decided to update their strategic framework, developed back in 2017, to ensure it remained relevant and in-step with the issues facing business owners, residents and professionals on the Coast.

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Becky Morton

Meet Becky Morton, Panellist at our 2021 Entrepreneurs Forum

From a young age, Becky had a passion for design but decided to pursue a Law & Business Degree.

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Lana Noir IMG 7307 v2

Meet Craig Johnston, Panellist at our 2021 Entrepreneurs Forum

Craig’s career to date has seen him gain over 15 years of experience in hospitality, and almost 10 of that spent in the mining and resources sector.

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Meet Jarrad Bell, Panellist at our 2021 Entrepreneurs Forum

Jarrad Bell has been in hospitality for over 10 years, but likely not the areas you would automatically assume. He hasn't been behind the bar, nor hasn't been running venues; he's been the guy responsible for getting you in the...

City Leaders Forum

Finding a way forward after COVID

It has been a year of firsts for many. For YP Gold Coast, 2020 marked the organisation’s first decade of industry impact, and a first all-female panel for the City Leaders Forum.

City Leaders Forum
christin hume Hcfwew744z4 unsplash

‘Learning to Unlearn’ might be what we need to succeed in the future

"Transformation is often more about Unlearning than Learning" - Richard Rohr

City Leaders Forum
TJ Press Shot 20171

Meet Thea Jeanes-Cochrane, Panellist at our 2020 City Leaders Forum

Thea Jeanes-Cochrane is a leading originator in entertainment projects and touring exhibitions that has delivered highly acclaimed events and experiences for globally renowned clients recently including The Rolling Stones, Real Madrid C.F, The AFL, The Commonwealth Games and the Nelson...

City Leaders Forum
Criena Gehrke

Meet Criena Gehrke, Panellist at our 2020 City Leaders Forum

She has a diverse and eclectic background in arts management and a particular passion for the role of arts and culture in building strong and connected communities.

City Leaders Forum
Sarah bio photo portrait

Meet Dr Sarah Gardiner, Panellist at our 2020 City Leaders Forum

Sarah Gardiner has a PhD in Marketing and is the Deputy Director of the Griffith Institute for Tourism. She has worked in the private and public sectors of the Australian tourism industry.

City Leaders Forum
Angie Official 002

Meet Angie Bell MP, panellist at our 2020 City Leaders Forum

Prior to entering Parliament, Angie worked across Australia in every State and Territory as a retail consultant and business development specialist. She is an author in the area of rebranding and marketing.

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carla yp podcast

YP Connect is Live

Series 1 of the YP Connect podcast is now live on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

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Gold Coast Main Banne1r 2

YP Gold Coast backs call for border certainty

An announcement this week on a July reopening of the Queensland border would put the Gold Coast in the best position for economic recovery, says leading advocacy group YP Gold Coast. 

City Leaders Forum

2019 City Leaders Forum Wrap-Up

The YP Gold Coast City Leaders Forum 2019 sparked conversation on how the Gold Coast can be the most liveable, innovative, and business friendly city in the world.

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A City of Future Leaders

The Gold Coast is quickly maturing into a place of broad opportunity and rich experiences. The city is at a turning point in its evolution, providing a rare opportunity to reimagine the future, where the unique lifestyle and coastal vibe...

City Leaders Forum
jordan donaldson jordi d ylE5CGMfUJk unsplash

One person cannot build a highly skilled city (Opinion Piece)

As a Griffith University student, I am in a unique position to meet and be able to write about the next generation of professionals and leaders. My friends are I are out there working and studying hard to get ourselves ready for the next stage of our lives...

City Leaders Forum
SB profile pic corporate

2019 City Leaders Forum welcomes keynote guest speaker Sean Braybrook

Sean is a former president of YP Gold Coast and is passionate about the city, its people and its potential.

City Leaders Forum
Jessica Mellor

Meet Jessica Mellor, panellist at our 2019 City Leaders Forum

Jessica Mellor is The Star Gold Coast’s youngest and first female Chief Operating Officer (COO), appointed to the position in June 2019.

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1YP Gold Coast 2019 team

Future in Focus for New YP Gold Coast Leaders

A new committee is at the helm of leading advocacy group YP Gold Coast.                        

City Leaders Forum
3Mayor Tom Tate Formal Headshot

2019 City Leaders Forum welcomes Mayor Tom Tate to the panel

Since being elected in 2012, Mayor Tom Tate has led the message that the Gold Coast is ‘open for business’, encouraging locals to dream big and embrace change to create a stronger economy and more jobs, while protecting the City’s...

City Leaders Forum
1Paul headshot guild 4

Meet Paul Jaffar

Paul Jaffar is a born and bred Gold Coaster, passionate city advocate and community pharmacist. After completing his pharmacy studies at James Cook University, Paul returned to the Gold Coast and worked in a number of local chemists.

City Leaders Forum
1VC Carolyn Evans LM 6832 Edit RGB LR

Meet Professor Carolyn Evans

Professor Carolyn Evans commenced her appointment as Vice Chancellor and President of Griffith University in February 2019, leading one of Australia’s fastest-growing and most progressive tertiary institutions, ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

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athe creative exchange 402565 unsplash

Why We Need A Creative Gold Coast

The emerging arts and culture sector has the potential to diversify the Gold Coast economy and create jobs.