“ENTREPRENEURSHIP is in a league of its own in terms of its ability to generate economic growth, create jobs, and transform society.

That is why investing in entrepreneurship and innovation is important if the Gold Coast and Queensland wants to move forward as a leading business destination.

Last year, the Premier recognised this direction and invested $40 million in establishing a flourishing start-up culture in our state.

The business development fund is set to inject money into start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovation in Queensland with the aim of turning great ideas into commercial realities. YP Gold Coast believes that this sort of investment is pivotal in the Gold Coast’s establishment as a worldly city. No longer is the Gold Coast just the ‘theme park capital of Australia’ – it is a city with endless opportunities for development, investment and business. That isn’t to say that tourism is not vital to our economy, it most definitely is, and should also be nurtured and further invested in.

But, investment in people leads to entrepreneurial and business benefits. By investing in the people of the Gold Coast, particularly the young and ambitious talent that is coming out of our universities, we are sending a message that the Gold Coast is a great place to lay down roots.

The aim is to encourage more and more entrepreneurs to recognise the Gold Coast as a launching pad to a prosperous future – we do not want to see business professionals moving from the Gold Coast to start up businesses in other cities.

YP Gold Coast aims to help create conditions that allow more entrepreneurs to start businesses and will work to nurture an environment that allows these businesses to grow. “