“Ensuring the 2018 Commonwealth Games leaves an overwhelming legacy for the Gold Coast is one of the biggest opportunities and challenges the city is facing, according to BBC’s Scott Finlayson.

BBC, an inaugural sponsor of Young Professionals Gold Coast, boasts 40 years of experience in providing workflow solutions and has grown to be Australia’s largest privately owned photocopier and printer supplier.

YP Gold Coast sat down with Area Manager Scott Finlayson to discuss some of the biggest issues facing the Gold Coast, as well as chatting about BBC’s support in helping YP achieve its mission of motivating, inspiring and connecting the next generation of city leaders.

Scott FinlaysonWith its enviable climate, unparalleled coastal lifestyle and refreshing hinterland, Finlayson labels the Gold Coast as one of the greatest cities in Australia to live, work and play.

“In no other city can you be surfing the best breaks in the world one moment, and then exploring some of the best bushland in the Hinterland the next,” he says.

“While in the past the Gold Coast has been considered solely a tourism destination, the city is diversifying, evolving and realising its potential. As an individual, and a professional, it is exciting to see the city coming of age and really embracing new industries – particularly the technology sector.”

While it is an exciting industry, Finlayson recognises that keeping up with technology is a major challenge for the city. Other challenges the city is facing include managing infrastructure and transport around population growth and the possible economic downturn after the Commonwealth games, says Finlayson. He says the Games represent huge commercial and economic benefits for the city, both pre and post the event. But, only if managed correctly.

“We will be launched onto the world stage in 2018 and we need to make sure we are sending the right messages,” he says.

“I see the Gold Coast evolving as the sporting capital of Australia; we have the right climate which means athletes can pretty much train 365 days a year and we have around $12 billion worth of infrastructure planned or underway in the lead up to the Games which includes world-class sporting facilities.

“We have all the elements we need to establish ourselves as a worldly sporting destination, we just need to make sure we all work together to ensure the Games leave an overwhelming legacy.”

While there are many opportunities that the city is set to capitalise on, Finalyson highlights that it is the younger generation that will help to shape the Gold Coast’s future. This was one of the main reasons he came on board as a sponsor of leading advocacy group YP Gold Coast.

“The YP committee and its supporters are the future of the Gold Coast,” he says.

“Without groups like YPGC, the ideas and opinions of the younger generations will go unheard and the city will ultimately risk losing young talent to the likes of Melbourne and Sydney.” 

BBC Digital has been a sponsor of YP for the past five years and has been vital in helping the organisation connect with future city leaders. “