Introducing Andrew Tang, Head of Investment Strategy at Morgans Financial Limited, who are not only our platinum and event partners, but the heavyweight champions of full-service stockbroking and wealth management in Australia.

Let’s talk about Andrew – he’s not just impressive; he’s a financial powerhouse.

As the Head of Investment Strategy and an Equity Strategist, he’s the mastermind behind delivering invaluable macro research and investment guidance.

Supporting a team of over 500 advisors in the Morgans Network, Andrew is the financial guru from whom we could all pick up a trick or two.

Andrew’s leadership also extends into his role as the Secretary of the Morgans Investment Committee, where his expertise truly shines.

Now the big question remains: who will be our final two speakers? The suspense is building, and we can’t wait to reveal their identities soon.

As the buzz around this year’s City Leaders Forum grows, so does the demand for tickets.

Don’t miss your chance to learn from the absolute cream of the crop in the world of finance! Make sure you secure your spot now.

So, will we see you there?

Author: Matthew Dodds