YP Gold Coast supports major events on the Gold Coast!

Just recently the Gold Coast hosted the Pacific Airshow Major Event, which originally began in 2016 at Huntington Beach California USA. Bringing this event to the Gold Coast Australia, was a huge success, with talks already being had for a 2024 event. It is Major events like these that play a pivotal role in driving the growth and prosperity of the Gold Coast, especially in the context of young professionals. These events offer a multitude of benefits that contribute to the development of the region and the advancement of its young workforce.

At YP we want to continue to encourage the investment in major events as they bring a surge of economic activity to the Gold Coast. They attract tourists and visitors from around the world, leading to increased demand for accommodations, dining, transportation, and entertainment. This surge in economic activity creates a wealth of opportunities for young professionals, whether they are working directly in the event industry or in related sectors such as hospitality, marketing, and event management. These opportunities not only provide immediate employment prospects but also help to diversify the local economy, making it more resilient in the long term.

Secondly, major events bolster the Gold Coast’s reputation on a global scale. As the city hosts renowned events, it gains visibility and recognition, attracting attention from investors, businesses, and individuals alike. This heightened profile can lead to increased business investments, career opportunities, and the establishment of new enterprises, all of which provide young professionals with a broader spectrum of career options.

Major events also contribute to the overall lifestyle and cultural enrichment of the Gold Coast. While they can sometimes be seen as detracting from the locality, at YP we believe if the Gold Coast does them well; these events have the opportunity to infuse the city with a sense of vibrancy and dynamism, offering young professionals a diverse range of experiences that go beyond their professional lives. It is for this reason that we should continue advocating for major events on the Gold Coast and encouraging the opportunities that these bring into the future.

In conclusion, major events serve as catalysts for growth, innovation, global recognition, and cultural enrichment on the Gold Coast. For young professionals, these events offer a myriad of opportunities to thrive both personally and professionally. By fostering economic development, promoting creativity, enhancing the city’s reputation, and enriching the cultural fabric, major events create an ecosystem where young professionals can flourish and contribute to the ongoing success of the Gold Coast.

Author: Liam Morris, YP Gold Coast