“The Griffith Business School, as a strong supporter of Young Professionals Gold Coast, is well aware of the talents of the new generation of highly motivated and capable individuals moving through the ranks.

Impressed by the achievements of young professionals who have established thriving businesses and reached the upper ranks of enterprises and major organisations vital to the future of the Coast, the university has undertaken to boost the profiles of just some high achievers through this series of articles.

It has been my privilege to prepare these articles and while I anticipated the discovery of some inspirational stories I was more than impressed by not just the business achievements of this new generation of leaders, but also by the ethics and community spirit of all that are featured.

All love the Gold Coast and are determined to not only build on their successes, but to ensure that the city’s enviable lifestyle is sustained – and they also want to help others, less fortunate.

I have no doubts that these qualities prevail throughout the Young Professionals Gold Coast ranks.

Many have graduated from the city’s burgeoning tertiary education sector, others have learned from experience, all I dealt with are well travelled, all are strategic thinkers, all are hard workers and the products of the post global financial crisis, from which they learned valuable lessons.

My work on this project followed my production of a Gold Coast business history, working in collaboration with Professor Alan Blackman. This presentation is prominently featured in the new Griffith Business School and includes dozens of images and content on significant happenings in the past driven by forward-thinking individuals.

The Young Professionals Gold Coast project has enabled me to tell the stories of the leaders of today – to capture their vision and enthusiasm from a perspective gained having previously documented what shaped the Gold Coast since the 1850s. I have looked back, looked at today and looked forward through the eyes of those who are taking big stakes in the Gold Coast’s future.

It is my belief that the city has never been in more capable hands.

Written by Rod Spence, a former news media executive and public relations consultant who has worked on the Gold Coast since 1978.”