“YP Gold Coast is calling for a firm commitment from all levels of government to stage 3 of the light rail corridor.

It’s our belief that stage 3 must run along the coastal spine of the city – from Burleigh Heads, to Gold Coast Airport, and beyond to Coolangatta. This route will enable the light rail network to appropriately service residential areas, commercial hubs and employment nodes.

Running the light rail down the coast will enable the development of east-west corridors to places like Robina and Nerang in the longer term. But our priority should be connecting our transport hub and gateway to the city – the airport – to the established light rail network.

The extension of light rail through our iconic coastal villages of Burleigh Heads and Palm Beach can be delivered while protecting the qualities that make these places unique to the Gold Coast.

The light rail doesn’t automatically create unlimited building height and poor development outcomes. The city’s town planning framework can manage development to ensure new development is high quality and reinforces the iconic character of our coastal villages.

We’re also strong advocates for ensuring the delivery of extensions to the light rail don’t unduly impact our small businesses.

Light rail is key to creating a truly world class public transport system for our city, and now is the time for action. Together we need to get behind the project, and advocate for our city’s exciting future. Stage 3 must move ahead, and we need all levels of government need to commit to its delivery.”