“Investment in infrastructure projects is vital in fostering economic growth in a city. Because of this, it is imperative that high-level community consultation is integrated at the initial planning stage for future development, to ensure our city’s future leaders will not pay for today’s spending and (potential) mistakes.

With this in mind, Mayor Tom Tate and the City of Gold Coast recently announced a feedback campaign which will determine the path of the light rail’s third stage, indicating that the extension will move south, focusing on the area from Broadbeach to Burleigh and beyond.

While there has been debate around the second stage of the light rail, with some business leaders critically noting the route passes through ‘no-man’s land’, it is a priority of YP Gold Coast to make sure this is not the conclusion of the third stage.

YP Gold Coast is urging young professionals to get involved in the feedback campaign, which is one of the largest community consultations in the city’s history.

The airport is the obvious end point, being the inter-state and foreign gateway for the city. The question lies with ‘how’ we get there? With so many vested parties lobbying for different routes along the Coast and through more western suburbs, the consultation is sure to raise some very viable options and some controversial debate.

The tram system is expected to travel south down the spine of the city, from Broadbeach to Burleigh, with plans for spur lines to Robina or The Spit. However, there has already been discussion with some industry leaders suggesting it travel west of Broadbeach and connect straight to the Nerang heavy rail, via Metricon Stadium.

The Gold Coast needs a dedicated and reliable public transport system and one that leaves a legacy for the city – the community consultation process is a great opportunity for Gold Coasters to share our wish-list with current city leaders, and direct the city’s transport to the wants and needs of residents.

Ultimately, as future city leaders, it is important that we have a voice in major decisions that impact the viability and liveability of our City.

The campaign kicks off on 30 November 2015, with results of the consultation compiled early in the New Year.

YP Gold Coast will keep readers up to date with the progress of the campaign. “