“THE cruise ship terminal debate has once again re-surfaced with Mayor Tom Tate unveiling his vision for the divisive project just three months before the March 19 election.

Tate envisages a pylon-type structure situated on the ocean side of The Spit which includes a floating platform to be built in the ocean with a jetty connecting the terminal and mainland.

This comes on the back of the Queensland Government’s axing of the $7.6 billion terminal at Wavebreak Island, part of Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s election promise.

While YP Gold Coast is in support of growing tourism numbers, and ultimately the Gold Coast economy, its support for the cruise ship terminal project is dependent on final plans which includes the cost of the project, the environmental impact and the surrounding infrastructure initiatives.

Looking at the project as a whole, it is great for boosting tourism on the Gold Coast – it is another avenue for holiday makers to reach our wonderful city. It will also boost jobs in the tourism and hospitality industries, and it is expected to inject millions of dollars a year into the local economy.

If the project can be done in a cost-effective way, with limited impact on the environment, and, if hard figures are supplied that indicate it will significantly impact business and tourism on the Gold Coast, then YP Gold Coast is right behind the investment. Also importantly, consideration needs to be taken in regards to infrastructure surrounding The Spit to mitigate traffic and congestion issues.

The cruise ship terminal debate is not going to go away, and it shouldn’t – the Gold Coast is full of passionate people that want only the best for the city. But, the debate needs to be civilised. There needs to be some sort of compromise to ensure that future generations of Gold Coasters can benefit.

YP Gold Coast will continue to follow the debate, and update young professionals on the project including the pros and cons of the development.

Do you want to see a cruise ship terminal on the Gold Coast? Comment below. “