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8 March 2022

Bond University partners with YP Gold Coast

YP Gold Coast is excited to announce that Bond University will be joining its team as a Platinum Partner for 2022.

This partnership is a unique and valuable opportunity for the University to support local advocacy efforts and further contribute to the ever-changing fabric of our city, with the partnership set to be celebrated at YP Gold Coast’s marquee event – Entrepreneurs Forum, presented by Bond University.

Bond University is a private, not-for-profit university located in the heart of the Gold Coast. A core part of Bond’s ethos is enhancing employability, which is why they’ve held the top spot in the country for employer satisfaction for the last three years.

Bond has a strong focus on building work-ready graduates that begins the minute you enroll, supported by an extensive employer network, industry-leading academics, and the professional skill building embedded in their undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. The Career Development Centre is also an invaluable resource that all Bond students have access to throughout their studies and after graduation.

As the City’s leading advocacy group that represents young professionals, YP Gold Coast aims to motivate, inspire and connect future city leaders. Leveraging events and advocacy work through key city leaders, the partnership with Bond University seems a natural alignment.

A recent report by The Australian newspaper showed that Bond has produced the most successful entrepreneurs per 100,000 graduates over the past 10 years. These companies are broad and varied, in industries including automation, EdTech, finance, and hospitality.

Through programs like their Australian-first start-up incubator, Transformer, Bond nurtures big ideas at an individual level and provides unparalleled support to students looking to excel in the entrepreneurship space.

Of course, they’re about more than just preparing students to transform and take on the industry of their choice. At Bond, students are at the heart of the University, which is why they’ve been ranked #1 in Australia for student experience for the last 16 years. Bond’s student experience is founded on providing every ‘Bondy’ who passes through their doors with the resources and connections they need to succeed, enjoy their time at university, and make lasting friendships and professional networks.

Matthew Dodds, President of YP Gold Coast, said he looked forward to further developing Bond’s relationship with YPGC through their platinum partnership and upcoming involvement with major YPGC events.

“Bond University fosters expertise right here on the Gold Coast through their globally recognised programs and the contributions of knowledgeable, industry-leading academic staff. We are excited to see how the efforts of YPGC’s partnership with Bond University will build up our local Gold Coast community going forward,” he said.

Thinking about embarking on further study? Bond University could be your next learning destination; the place where you take your career to the next level, whatever that looks like! Learn more about study options at Bond University by visiting their website.

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YP Gold Coast 3 February 2022

The Chevron Island Resurgence is Coming

YP Gold Coast calls for a plan to be put in place.

Last month, the Gold Coast Bulletin published an article that highlighted concerns from Chervon Island residents who, along with Councillor Darren Taylor, are desperately calling for an infrastructure plan to be put in place.

When it comes to planning the future growth of the Gold Coast, Young Professionals Gold Coast (YP Gold Coast) have advocated for density done well through our Great Ideas For Gold Coast Advocacy Report, and through facilitation of conversation at topical events over the past few years.

Over the past 7 years, more than 20 towers have been proposed on Chevron Island, with more than $500 million worth of projects now under construction. These figures represent the idea that development is going to happen, and is happening, whether the community agrees with it or not. This reinforces the importance of our city having a plan in place to manage the expectations of residents and businesses alike. 

The YP Gold Coast Committee meets every three weeks to discuss the Gold Coast business community on Chevron Island, where we are hosted by Thomas Drive local business, Prmpt R&D Consulting, and as such are acutely aware of the changes taking place over the last few years and their effect on the business community and residents.

Managing Director of Prmpt and Treasurer of YP Gold Coast, Joshua Lumley, is concerned that the Island's facilities and infrastructure are not keeping up with development in the area. 

“Since establishing our office on Thomas Drive 18 months ago, we have seen a substantial increase in foot traffic and local activity on Chevron Island. The recent completion of the pedestrian bridge to HOTA has no doubt fuelled a return of visitors to the Island. It has been instrumental in linking the many corporate professionals just across in the Bundall precinct,” Mr Lumley said. 

The Chevron Island business owner adds that while things are on the right track, the remainder of Chevron Island looks tired and is in desperate need of a facelift.

“Examples would include a refreshed entrance on both the East and West bridges, upgrades to commercial nature strips, and trials of attractions such as a Friday closed street dinner for local restaurants on Thomas Drive. We need to encourage more high-quality restaurants, bars, and a relaxed nightlife environment that most Gold Coast professionals and residents would be eager to visit after the working week, Mr. Lumley said. 

Mr. Lumley concludes that Chevron Island has so much potential with its close proximity to HOTA and Surfers Paradise. 

“With a properly executed masterplan, the Island could easily become one of the coast’s signature precincts,” Mr Lumley said.

YP Gold Coast is invested in the sustainable and well-planned development of the Chevron Island precinct and will be reaching out to Cr Darren Taylor to offer consultation in the planning process. We encourage our supporters to reach out to us at if they would like to highlight any key issues or ideas that we could assist in drawing a conversation around.

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28 January 2022

A message from YP Gold Coast

YP Gold Coast is proud to present our new committee that will be leading the organisation forward in 2022. 

Matthew Dodds of PKF has been elected to the position of President. Matthew will be joined on the executive team by Lauren Thompson, Marketing Executive at The Star Entertainment Group, who will continue to service the role of Co-Vice President. In this role, she will be joined by the elected Co-Vice President Jacqueline Bojanowski, Account Director at Sabio (previously Ruby Communications).

Joshua Lumley, Managing Director of Prmpt R&D Consultants, will be taking over the role of treasurer. The final member of the valued executive team is Cleopatra Jackson, Solicitor at Cronin Miller Litigation, who will continue in the role of Secretary.

Matthew is joined by the following members of the management committee of YP Gold Coast: 

  • James Fulton-Kennedy CFP: Financial Planner – Morgans Gold Coast
  • Karleigh Pearson: Marketing & Communications Manager – Hilton Surfers Paradise
  • Grant Brisland: Director – Business Growth & Development – HOTA, Home of the Arts
  • Nicholas Rossi: Associate – Marino Law
  • Gabrielle Armes: Marketing Manager – Five by Five

President Matthew Dodds said the Gold Coast is at a turning point following a really challenging couple of years as a result of the pandemic. Businesses and individuals have survived these tough times, needing to be agile as they adjust their business and working practices to become more efficient. Following these challenges we’re seeing more resilient businesses and professionals spearheading their professions and industries to drive the City forward.

“These community circumstances coupled with opportunities presented to the Gold Coast in the lead up to major events such as the 2032 Brisbane Olympics have the City perfect positioned for success and we are thrilled to act as the voice for both emerging and established professionals”,

“I couldn’t be more excited to be at the helm of a group that can actively advocate for young professionals during this time, I know that with our highly skilled committee we will be able to offer a true and powerful voice for the Gold Coast over the coming years”. 

The YP Gold Coast committee would like to recognise the efforts of the outgoing president, Martin Garred. Martin has contributed greatly to the fabric of YP over his years of service and as an organisation, we would like to congratulate him on the success of his business, Civity, over the past few years and wish him the best in his future endeavors.

2022 Reconnect Event

With just two weeks to go until the 2022 Reconnect Event hosted by YP Gold Coast on February 11 at The Aviary Rooftop Bar, we invite you to come along and meet the refreshed Committee, catch up with familiar faces and make new connections.

Final release tickets are on sale now. Click here to purchase your tickets today. 

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27 May 2021

Great Ideas for the Gold Coast 2021

YP Gold Coast has released an updated edition of their ‘Great Ideas for the Gold Coast’ advocacy report to stimulate discussion and debate regarding the long-term success of the City beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.
The report, prepared in collaboration with Civity, a Gold Coast town planning firm, and Griffith University, sets out a series of ideas on how the Coast business community could exponentially thrive and why the City needs to embrace growth and advanced technology.

YP Gold Coast president Mary Grant said the team decided to update their strategic framework, developed back in 2017, to ensure it remained relevant and in-step with the issues facing business owners, residents and professionals on the Coast.

“The Gold Coast is at a turning point in its evolution, providing a rare opportunity to reimagine the future and plan for long-term success beyond the COVID-19 pandemic,” she said.

“Great Ideas for the Gold Coast 2017 report set out five ideas and a number of those were successfully realised over the past few years, such as the public ferry service for the Gold Coast, the expansion of the arts and culture public spaces at HOTA, the implementation of public WI-FI and the ongoing light rail delivery.

“Our refreshed 2021 report is an important call to action. Great cities don’t just happen by chance – residents, businesses and government have a collective role in telling our story and shaping our future.

“We encourage everyone interested in the future growth of the Gold Coast to engage in mature and robust debate again and step forward and be a loud champion for our wonderful city.”

YP Gold Coast vice-president, Civity director and Great Ideas for the Gold Coast panellist Martin Garred said YP Gold Coast and Civity collaborated with some of Griffith University’s brightest students and the Cities Research Institute in a wide-ranging review of the Gold Coast’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which informed the development of the ideas in the report.

“From the Coast’s humble beginnings as a collection of tourism villages, it has grown quickly and must continue to diversify and amplify the great qualities that make the Gold Coast so unique,” he said.

“The Gold Coast culture, environment and our ‘have a go’ attitude is fundamental to ongoing growth and maturity.”

The three refreshed ‘Great Ideas’ for 2021 include building the city’s global profile as a place where small businesses and entrepreneurs flourish and grow, smart and well-planned growth, and investment in manufacturing technologies, transport solutions or transport and leisure opportunities.

Professor of Urban Management and Planning, Griffith University’s Cities Research Institute director and ‘Great Ideas for The Gold Coast’ panellist Paul Burton said bringing as many Gold Coasters into thoughtful conversations about our future was paramount.

“We need to actively create the future we want and not just wait for things to happen to us,” he said.

“That’s why it’s important that everyone has a chance to join in these conversations, and that people who don’t always think their views are valued are actively encouraged and supported to do so.”

Destination Gold Coast CEO and YP Gold Coast panellist Patricia O'Callaghan said ongoing collaboration and innovation would help circumnavigate the initial short-term challenges post-pandemic to support future success.

“The community has been working hard to deliver sustainable plans to future proof the Gold Coast,” she said.

“We are a city of interconnected industries and there is great potential for the Gold Coast to thrive, achievable through public and private enterprise that strengthens our economy, and continued investment in our community.”

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17 March 2021

Meet Becky Morton, Panellist at our 2021 Entrepreneurs Forum

From a young age, Becky had a passion for design but decided to pursue a Law & Business Degree.

After graduation, she secured a job with a high-profile law firm & although her life-long love affair with the ocean brought Peony Swimwear to life.

Peony is now recognised as a global leader in sustainable luxury swimwear, championing sustainability as an eco-pioneer in the swimwear category.

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11 March 2021

Meet Craig Johnston, Panellist at our 2021 Entrepreneurs Forum

Craig’s career to date has seen him gain over 15 years of experience in hospitality, and almost 10 of that spent in the mining and resources sector. Craig comes from humble beginnings, starting his first business at just 10 years old from his family farm, to selling another business at just 14 years old, before working 3 jobs to pay his way through commercial cookery school. Craig went on to work in the Hunter Valley in fine dining, and became IHG Group’s youngest ever head chef at the age of 20, before seeking adventure and change and moving into the mining and resources sector.

Adversity and challenge are the foundations for Craig’s entrepreneurial driving force, and he owes some of his greatest strengths to overcoming these obstacles in the past. Today Craig and his partner Lucy co-direct TCLH, a specialist remote hospitality organisation that employs 80 full time staff, and provides their high end services to major ASX listed mining companies and state government bodies.

The idea for TCLH came from combining Craig’s passion for fine dining and his personal interest in the mining and resources sector, so in 2014 following a redundancy from his FIFO job and a major downturn in the oil & gas industry, Craig decided to make the most of a bad situation, and start a new company to provide high quality, flexible service models that had never been done before. His wife and now business partner Lucy came on board, bringing her finance and business banking background, combining it with her own FIFO experience and knowledge. Since then they have built a business that focuses on the wellbeing of its employees, clients and crews by working hard on driving the de-stigmatisation of mental health issues faced by FIFO workers, promoting inclusive and supportive workplaces, engaging with local remote communities on project, and providing healthy, nutritious meals.

Craig and Lucy have taken business from the start-up it once was, to the formidable multi-million dollar business it is today, that continues to double in size year after year, retaining 100% ownership in the business. The pair have gone on to win multiple industry awards, both as a team and as individuals.

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3 March 2021

Meet Jarrad Bell, Panellist at our 2021 Entrepreneurs Forum

Jarrad Bell has been in hospitality for over 10 years, but likely not the areas you would automatically assume. He hasn't been behind the bar, nor hasn't been running venues; he's been the guy responsible for getting you in the door! He's the guy responsible for making your mouth water at 5pm every day, whilst you're scrolling through Instagram, or making the brand aesthetically pleasing - so cool, that you want all your friends to know you are there, and share on socials.

Jarrad, who is a graphic designer and DJ, started off playing your favourite tunes in bars, clubs around Australia. Over time, he began combining the two, and ended up doing the branding and design for the events and venues. Over the years, he's worked with iconic brands, your favourite festivals and he's probably gotten your bum on a seat at the local restaurants around town.

Late 2019 / early 2020, ideas began building between Jeremy Davidson, Mikey Sebire and Jarrad - who all together are the founders of Mr. Consistent.

In his venue, Jeremy had identified a need for a consistent product, that could easily produce volume, without faltering on quality. Whilst Mikey worked on building the recipe of the amazing product we taste today, Jarrad went about building the branding of Mr. Consistent.

COVID hit the hospitality industry, and a product that had been dreamt up to be in-venue, was no longer relevant to the market at that time.

Instead, they focused on direct to consumer, and built an extremely loyal customer base within a short period of time and bucked the 'norm' when it comes to marketing and branding in the beverage world.

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31 August 2020

YP Connect is Live

Series 1 of the YP Connect podcast is now live on Apple Podcasts and Spotify. 

We were thrilled to welcome some of the city's brightest minds to engage in thought-provoking conversations - covering some important topics for the people who choose to live, work and do business on the Gold Coast. 

In this series of YP Connect, the YP Gold Coast committee chats to the entrepreneurs pivoting in a pandemic, the corporate heavyweights rebuilding a $6 billion-a-year tourism industry, and the medical experts making breakthroughs right here in our own backyard. 

Scroll down to listen and enjoy these podcasts at home, on your commute or in the office. Please don't forget to subscribe & review! 




Reinventing the Business Wheel
With David Ridden

In this episode, we chat with David Ridden - the Founder and Director of craft gin distillery Granddad Jacks - who had to reinvent his business almost overnight to survive the COVID-19 pandemic.

David shares his phenomenal behind-the-scenes stories about developing new products, being agile to stay afloat, lobbying government, and ultimately, remaining true to his business’ vision.

33 minutes


Rebuilding Our $6bn Tourism Industry
With Anneliese Battista & Adam Rowe

In episode two, we talk to Destination Gold Coast CEO Annaliese Battista and Queensland Airports Limited Executive General Manager of Business Development and Marketing Adam Rowe about rebuilding the city’s tourism economy after it was dealt a devastating blow by COVID-19.

We look at post-pandemic travel trends, find out when visitors will be hitting the shores of Australia’s favourite playground once again, and discover where Gold Coasters will be travelling to as we take to the skies for the first time in months.

36 minutes


Griffith Business School Trailblazer Growing the Gold Coast Super Yacht Industry
With Cameron Bray

In episode three, we chat to Cameron Bray, a Griffith University Graduate who has built a successful career chartering super yachts around the world.

From Saudi royalty to Australian media moguls, Cameron has worked with some very interesting clientele and reveals what life is like on board these multimillion-dollar vessels.

He also provides great insight into how beneficial the super yacht industry is for the Gold Coast and what the city needs to do to attract more of these boats to our shores.

20 minutes


Mastering Your Mental Health for Professional Success
With Luke Foster

In this week's podcast we spoke to LIVIN's consultant psychologist, Luke Foster on mastering your mental health for professional success.

For more than 8 years, Luke served as a psychologist for the Australian Defence Force (ADF), attaining the rank of Major. He currently oversees LIVIN's educational program, 'LIVINWell', and social impact strategy, while continuing his work with the ADF in a part-time capacity where he provides expert mental health advice in various sectors of the Army's training and educational programs.

31 minutes


The Gold Coast Medical Industry – at the Forefront of Health Innovation
With Dr. Chris Davis

In this episode, we get to talk with Dr Chris Davis, the GM of Griffith University’s Institute for Glycomics – located in the state-of-the-art Health & Knowledge Precinct on the Gold Coast. 

Dr Chris shares with us some of the ground-breaking medical research and discoveries being made right here in our City, including the discovery of the world’s first vaccine for Malaria - which has put the Gold Coast’s biotechnology industry on the world stage.

34 minutes


Brand Building 101: Secrets for Boosting Your Brand and Online Presence
With Ryan Tuckwood

In the final episode of the first season of YP Connect, we tune in with Shark Tank success story and CEO of the #1 Ethical Online sales training company in the world, Ryan Tuckwood from ISR Training.

Ryan shared his insights and tips on how to utilise your social media platforms to build your personal brand, as well as invaluable secrets that he's used to help scale nationally recognised brands and close over $1billion in sales revenue, all from his Gold Coast headquarters.

43 minutes


YP Connect is supported by Griffith University, Cronin Miller Litigation, Gold Coast Suns, GT Advisory, PKF, 102.9 Hot Tomato and

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YP Gold Coast 11 June 2020

YP Gold Coast backs call for border certainty

An announcement this week on a July reopening of the Queensland border would put the Gold Coast in the best position for economic recovery, says leading advocacy group YP Gold Coast. 

For weeks the city’s tourism operators and small businesses have been calling for the border to be reopened, in line with Federal Government health advice and positive health outcomes being reported across the country. 

The Gold Coast Bulletin published an article this week, highlighting the city will lose more than $1.2 billion in interstate tourism revenue in the next three months unless the border is opened, according to National Visitor Survey data from Tourism Research Australia. The data showed the busiest air routes across the country in July 2019 included Sydney to Gold Coast and Melbourne to Gold Coast.

Further to this, data from travel booking sites including Expedia shows the Gold Coast is the most frequently searched destination in the country for domestic holidays. 

Unfortunately, intrastate travel is not enough to support our tourism economy and the many small, medium and large tourism businesses who contribute more than $5 billion a year to our city’s bottom line. While some regions around the state have benefited from an increase in airline services from later this month, at the time of writing Gold Coast Airport continues to service only three flights per week – all to Sydney.

The Gold Coast Bulletin published news on Thursday that Virgin Australia has loaded additional eight flights in a day into the Gold Coast from mid-July. It shows airlines are keen to resume flights to the Gold Coast, but until there is certainty around the border, this scheduling won’t necessarily translate to more visitors to our city.  

So as the Queensland Government ponders its most significant move in the state’s economic recovery, time is of the essence. 

An announcement this week of a July 1 reopening would allow tourism businesses to put in place COVIDsafe plans and stand up staff, give airlines time to market and sell seats, and importantly, give people time to plan their Gold Coast holidays.

Waiting until the end of the month – or longer – will only further delay the pain for a city that is trying to get back on its feet. 


Disclaimer: This opinion piece represents the personal views of YP Gold Coast committee members, and is in no way intended to reflect the views of committee members’ employers or YP Gold Coast sponsors. 

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Martin Garred, Co-Vice President, YP Gold Coast 21 October 2019

A City of Future Leaders

The Gold Coast is quickly maturing into a place of broad opportunity and rich experiences. The city is at a turning point in its evolution, providing a rare opportunity to reimagine the future, where the unique lifestyle and coastal vibe of the city becomes the catalyst for a highly skilled Gold Coast. 

While the city has a strong culture of entrepreneurship and capable universities, the scale of its innovation economy is so far much lower than its peer cities around the world.

As part of the ongoing growth story, it is imperative that the city retains its brightest minds and future leaders. Local talent retention will underpin diversification of the city’s economic base, grow the strong entrepreneurial spirit and ensure the city environment fosters its leaders of the future.

Historically, the Gold Coast’s growth story has been influenced by trying to compete with Australia’s capital cities. A major paradigm shift is required, from the community and political leaders alike. We must reshape our future vision to embrace the assets that make the Gold Coast unique. This involves promoting the Gold Coast as a regional city that builds economic strength from its ability to collaborate with capital cities.

Retaining talent and nurturing a city of future leaders therefore relies on shaping our future growth to reinforce the Gold Coast as an education, health and knowledge city.

Our strategy to retain local talent needs a broader approach that reflects the Gold Coast lifestyle and liveability values. The emphasis should not solely be focussed on attracting big business. Rather, becoming a highly skilled Gold Coast relies on protecting our lifestyle values, whilst cementing global connections through leading digital infrastructure. 

This reimagining of our city’s future envisages an urban environment of dynamic workplaces, a faster rate of career growth for Gold Coast locals and most importantly, job self-containment within the city.

- Martin Garred, Co-Vice President, YP Gold Coast

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